Experience, Insight and Sensitivity – How Family Law Should Be

When an unfortunate event happens to your family, it requires an experienced legal team and expert in the family law practice area.  This will also help to ensure proper representation for your family and your future.  Additionally, our law firm values the client-attorney relationship.  We dedicate ourselves to providing the legal services that you require to achieve the best possible outcome for each case.  Plus, we really listen to the needs of each client.

To effectively provide the best family law legal service in Arizona, we advocate for the rights of our clients.  It is about listening to the concerns of our clients.  While always working to handle our cases with the client’s best interests in mind.  Our priority is to provide the best family law representation in Arizona.

Asset Protection

Divorce is a leading cause of asset distribution in Arizona. We will help you protect your assets in a legal proceeding. Thus, we will provide the protection for you when engaged in a family law property dispute in Arizona.

We can guide you through the ambiguities of asset protection, which can be incredibly complex.  Contact our office if you have questions or concerns about protecting your assets in a family law proceeding.

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

By design, spousal maintenance more commonly known as spousal support, provides the lower-income spouse with money for living expenses over and above what may be awarded for child support. Depending upon the circumstances of your marriage, you or your spouse may be eligible to collect spousal maintenance. Arizona law does not discriminate with regard to who can receive spousal maintenance – either party may be eligible to receive financial support from the other.

If you are considering filing for divorce or legal separation, you may want to know what you could be expected to either pay or be paid for spousal maintenance. Everyone has unique situations and a good attorney can work with you to help determine what type of spousal maintenance may be awarded. There are actually many factors that the Arizona courts will take into account when determining if spousal maintenance should be awarded and if so what amount.  Having an experienced lawyer working for you is essential to the success of your case.

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